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You’ve probably heard this before, but when a person lands on your site for the first time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention to convince them to hang around.
Also according to Google page speed is a ranking factor. Slow page speed sabotages your SEO efforts and you are actually losing money.

This service will increase your overall wordpress site’s performance, speed and optimize loading time by:


Enabling gZip Compression of your files



Minify Html, CSS, JavaScript



Leverage browser caching I will Not remove that links which will effect your site .)



Caching Your Pages To Serve Static Content



Optimizing your WordPress database



Utilizing browser caching functionality



Optimize Images



Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content



Optimizing your homepage to load quickly



Control the amount of post revisions stored


Your website will become fast employing premium plugins and manual fine-tuning, resulting in excellent PageSpeed performance and minimal page load time. The whole procedure will be done professionally and it will not break any functionality and layout on the website.
If you have any questions please send a message before ordering.

Reasons to buy

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Orders Completed Since 2011

years of speed expertise


positive rewiews

We Offer You


Free Speed Audit

Want to make changes to your site yourself, but unsure of where to start? Our Page Speed Audit service provides detailed analytics of your site performance and breaks down exactly what changes can be made to significantly improve your site’s loading times.

A cost affordable service

We thought long and hard about what would be a great price for this service. The goal was to make it affordable with real results for all and not make the cost of speeding up your site unreasonable so you don’t spending a fortune.

Our WordPress Speed Up Guarantee


Your cleanup will be assigned to a Speed Expert and started immediately



Our Speed Expert will work diligently on your site is as fast as can be



We will provide you with details of every thing we complete to speed up your site



Our Speed Expert will show you before and after speed tests to show results



If we are unable to make any speed improvements, you will receive a full refund



You get all this great suff included for FREE


Free Backup

To protect my customers from hackers and to have fail-safe option, before speeding up your site a backup will be done and will be given to you for FREE

SEO Audit Report

A FREE SEO Audit Report for all clients which will help you to elevate your site’s ranking

Order 3 GET 1 FREE

When you purchase 3 you get another completely free(from the same package)!

Slow and Fast site

The difference and why it matters


Drawbacks of Slow site


Benefits of Fast Site


Drawbacks of Slow site



Low Reach on Facebook



Low Google Rankings



Low Cost Per Click



Low Conversions/Money



High Bounce Rate



Unhappy visitors


Benefits of Fast Site



Higher Reach on Facebook



Higher Google Rankings



Higher Cost Per Click



Higher Conversions/Money



Decreased Bounce Rate



Better experience for your visitors


Site Loading Time


  • Before: 10 seconds *
  • After: 1.5 seconds *

Page Speed Score Potential



Before *


After *

*Taken as example


The results speak for themselfs


WordPress SPEED UP Package




Good Starting Point on Budget
  • Browser Caching
  • Software Version Upgrade
  • Minification
  • Database Optimization
  • Resize Photos
  • CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) Setup
  • 1 day delivery time
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What Most People Need
  • Browser Caching
  • Software Version Upgrade
  • Minification
  • Database Optimization
  • Resize Photos
  • CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) Setup
  • 2 days delivery time
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Everything Possible Included
  • Browser Caching
  • Software Version Upgrade
  • Minification
  • Database Optimization
  • Resize Photos
  • CDN ( Content Delivery Network ) Setup
  • 4 days delivery time
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Prices in USD, Price per one site
All payments are processed securely on SSL encrypted site.
We accept Paypal and all major credit/debit card vendors like Visa, Mastercard, Amex (processed by 2Checkout).

Browser Caching will leverage browser caching on your website


Minification will remove redundant data in your HTML, CSS and JavaScript


Resize Photos will optimize the size of photos on your website


Database Optimization will maximize the speed and efficiency with which data is retrieved


Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the question to get the answer


How does it work? – The Process

You Place An Order


Send Us Login Information


We protect and Optimize your site


All done - you give us a feedback


Will the optimization affect my website functionality?

No, after the optimization your website functionality will remain the same.

How long does it take me to speed up your website?

Usually just one day. As you want your site to be fast – you probably want it as soon as possible.

How do you test the speed of my website?

Before starting with the optimization your website will be analyzed and you will get the results in a report. The speed expert will start with the optimization after we have discussed what actions have to be taken. When the optimization is finished we will do another test to show you the results with your optimized site.

How this service is different from others?

This service we provide has long history and 100% positive 5 star reviews, that means you will get the best service possible. We deliver faster, we do it better and we provide more value then any other services.

What do I need to Speed up your WordPress website?

Just WordPress & cPanel Login details. Your login details are safe.

Do you really need access to my website?

Yes, we do. The website can be only optimized from within the website itself. Either provide your own administrator account or create a temporarily account for the optimization which you can delete after the optimization has been done.

Does Hosting has any effect on my site Speed?

Hosting is an important part of the website also play a vital role when you want to speed up your site. If you are using a very weak hosting package with insufficient Memory & CPU compared to the size of the site (plugins etc.). No level of optimization can help the site until you upgrade to a better package that has enough resources to run the site properly.

Heavy images on my site - can you help?

Yes, sure we can help if you have lots of images on your site.

Can all sites score Grade A with max optimization?

Yes and No, if your site has external and heavy domain scripts which usually are placed in iframe like Facebook Likebox, Youtube VIdeos, Google Ads, Maps etc., those cannot be optimized as you have no control over them.

What is Green Orange Red Check Mark on Google Page Speed?

Green means there are no issues found, Orange means moderate & Red indicate serious issues. You should aim to this at least on Desktop. However, not all of sites can get Green because of old themes, heavy images and scripts.

Why should I order your service?

Because we provide you the best service possible. Pre-sale, during sale and after sales, we are here to help you and give you the best results possible. 🙂


✓ Real People ✓ Real Costumers ✓ Real Reviews


Here’s what some of the site owners and designers have to say

Thanks so much for the fast and reliable service! Will use you again in the future! Highly recommended

Mark Grey

Great Job as Always!!! Glad to know I can always depend on you and have NO WORRY!

Sachin Naidoo

Great work. Definitely went above and beyond my expectations. We will work on more projects for sure

Carole Witherspoon

Our site also loads really quickly – under 1 second on a recent speed test we carried out!

Daniel Wilson

Excellent! Thank you! Great work!

Katie O’Connell

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